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Quinn Michael Bio

Quinn Michael was born Michael Quinn Wellington, Jr. on Sept. 13, 1965. He was born and raised in St. Paul, MN until he was 11 yrs.old. His parents then decided to buy a tavern and move to a small town in Wisconsin to try to keep their 6 kids away from the big city life.

Even though they had good intentions, the big city life style still was a big part of their family.

It wasn't long before Quinn got involved in alcohol, drug dealing, theft, and sex outside of marriage. He became very violent and full of hate. He fought a lot at school and was kicked out of school his Senior year. This also built up a lot of hate inside of him. He often had thoughts of revenge and violence. He even thought about killing himself and others.

His Dad taught him how to fight, and he became very good at it. He would start fights whenever and wherever he could. This led to him being in and out of jail for assault. He also got involved in burglarizing homes, and drug dealing. He was looking to get indicted for a number of crimes he had done. That is when he left the state of Wisconsin to try to start a new life. He didn't know what he was looking for, he just knew he had to find something different.

He remembered a "religious" girl he knew in high school. He thought if he could find a girl like that, then maybe he could change.

Well, he ended up in Ohio. He lived in his truck for 11 days. He almost shot a cop upon his arrival in the town he was staying in. Mercifully the Lord didn't allow that to happen. God had a plan for his life.

Quinn found a job and found a place to stay. However, it wasn't long before he was involved in the same things he had tried to leave behind. He kept on getting put in and out of jail, fighting, and destroying his life and others.

He was on his way to work one day and he was involved in car accident that should have killed him. The first one to visit him in the hospital was a State Trooper because Quinn was driving without a license. When he went back to work, the personnel manager asked him if he had ever heard about Jesus. He told her no, he hadn't really heard about him. She then pulled out of her desk a Gideon Bible and turned to the back of it. She told him who Jesus was and that he loves us and died for us on the cross. She then asked Quinn if he knew he was a sinner. Well, that was obvious to Quinn. She took him through the plan of salvation. Quinn prayed and asked Jesus to save him that day. Did his life change that day? No, because what Quinn did was take his lifestyle and try to add Jesus to it. He still went to the bars and fought on Saturday nights, and came to church Sunday morning with a hangover and the girl he slept with the night before at his side.

It wasn't until Quinn ended up back in jail for 40 days for assault, and lost his job ,that he finally gave his whole heart and life to Jesus Christ.

He was in a 5x9 cell trying to read his Bible, when he received a letter from his work terminating him. He was looking to lose everything. He had just bought a new truck and a house. He then started throwing a major temper tantrum, and cussed out God and threw his Bible up against the wall. After he started hyper ventilating, he sat down and went over and picked up his Bible. He started to read the book of Job. He thought "this sounds like my life".

He then stood up and looked to God and said;

"God, if I can't live for you, drop me dead right where I stand. I am tired of living for Satan. Please come into my life."

At that moment Quinn knew something had changed. He didn't feel all of the hate anymore. A peace came over him that he could not explain. Even the guards at the jail could see a big difference in him.

Well, since that day the Lord has done amazing work in Quinn's life.

Soon after his release from jail, he was married and now has 2 wonderful children. He actively serves in his church. He and his wife are members of the Gideons and Gideons Auxiliary.

He has owned his own construction business for the last 15 years. In 2001 he got involved in ATV racing, and in 2002 he was the Open TT Class National Champion. He also builds ATV's that have been in numerous national magazines. He and his Yamaha Raptor were featured on the cover of ATV Sport in 2003. Inside of this magazine, part of his testimony was shared for thousands to read. He and his family travel the country doing various events for churches and revival services. The Lord is truly using him in reaching out to the world. He also has been to car shows with Rap stars and Hip-hop artists where he is able to hand out Bibles and deliver his message.

Quinn's testimony shows us that the Lord can lift us up out of the gutter and make us who he wants us to be. All we have to do is surrender and allow Him to do it.